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320px-Mabui prepares Tensō Jutsu
Teletransportation Magic



Caster Magic



Teletransportation Magic is a passive, Caster Type Magic and a Subspecies Magic of Telekinesis, which allows the user to tranfer various objects over long distances at the speed of light.


Mabui prepares Tensō Jutsu

Aru using her magic

Teletransportation Magic is used to transfer objects over long distances at the speed of light. It isn't good during battles, because the caster has to focus on the target, not on his or her enemy. Some users can even transfer people, but it's very dangerous. At first the mage focuses on the chosen object. Then the user cumulates magical energy around it. The matter starts to shine brightly. It's surrounded by blue energy, which transforms into a big, vertical laser. The matter starts to disappear in grey  smoke. It's a very useful magic and it doesn't cost very much magical energy.


Aru's spellsEdit

  • Light Transfer: It's the main spell, which is described in the Description section. It sends any object or person over long distances at the speed of light. At first the matter is surrounded by a lot of blue magical energy. Then it disappears in grey smoke. It isn't a very good spell for fighting, because the caster has to focus on the transferred object. If the user is not focused, the object can be quickly destroyed, because it's atoms don't cooperate during transferring it.
  • Light Transfer:Psychotransportation : It worksalmost in the same way like Light Transfer, but the user cannot see the object he.she wants to transfer. He focuses and tries to imagine the object. Then the object appears near him or her in grey smoke and blue vertical laser. If the caster is not very focused on the object, it can be destroyed, because its atoms don't cooperate during transferring.