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Pale Viper Emblem
Pale Viper

淡い バイパー


Awai Baipā


Shun Cheng

Guild Master

Jia Cheng


Legal Guild



Pale Viper is a guild in the Kingdom of Fiore. The guild was founded by Shun Cheng, and it went to his daughter after his death. The name comes from their love of snakes.


The city where Pale Viper resides is near the mountain range located on the west side of the country. The city is also surrounded by a forest and has a river running through the center of it.


The guild was initially founded by Shun Cheng, who happened to travel to the town and end up living there. He needed a large enough space to hold his snakes as well as a place for the local mages to hang out. Only those that didnt have a problem with snakes joined. During this time, the guild was rather small and was on the average side of the power scale. They kept mostly to themselves, taking missions and doing jobs, while Shun would go to Guild Master meetings. They made sure to keep out of the spotlight and not draw attention from the Magic Council. Shun ran Pale Viper for decades and long into his elder years. He appointed his daughter as next guild master before he passed away on his death bed.

When Jia took over, things changed big time. Pale Viper slowly started to get more attention from the world, but in a good way. She made public that their five strongest mages are on a team and their powers are second to hers. More and more mages started to join Pale Viper and it became a rather large guild.

During the years, they had started a rivalry with another guild.



Team Xeno as they are first mentioned

Pale Viper is considered to be a powerful guild, rivaling some guilds like Fairy Tail, Sabertooth, and Lamia Scale. In the one Grand Magic Game they took part in, they ended in 2nd Place, with a single point higher than Sabertooth. Most of Pale Viper's reputation stems from five mages. These five mages are the guild's only S-Class Mages, and are said to be the strongest, second to only the Guild Master. They make up Team Xeno, the core strength behind the guild. While on the same team, they hardly team up for jobs, fearing if all five fought together, it wont end well with the Council.

Team Xeno were around when Shun was master, but that werent an official team. Also, Some of the members back then were different then the current ones.


Name Rank Team Status
Shun Cheng 1st Guild master Founder Deceased
Jia Cheng 2nd Guild Master Team Xeno Alive
Tristan Cross S-Class Mage Team Xeno Alive