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Arthut Moshiyoto

アーサ モシヨト


Davilu Aasa


The Fallen one (by Juliet)
Mr. Know it All (by Emily)
Mr. Gem Finder (by Emily)




December 25th


Male Male




183 cm


75 kg

Eye Color


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Blood Type


Guild Mark Location

Inner Right Wrist

Unusual Features

Colour-changing eyes

Professional Status


Previous Affiliation

Unchained Soul





Previous Team

Celestial Trio



Previous Partner

Juliet Nakamura
Emily Nakamura

Base of Operations

Arthur's appartment

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Marital Status



Parents (decased)


Celestial Spirit Magic
Ring Magic
Inner Spirit Magic

Signature Skill



Celestial Spirit Gate Keys
Lumiere Fragor

Arthur Darville (アーサ モシヨト, Aasa Daavilu) is a 19 year old mage who practices Celestial Spirit Magic. He comes from a noble family of Moshiyotos. Despite his young age, he has shown to be a strong and clever combatant. When not on a mission, he can most likely be found in the library, studying and reading books. He is looking for a guild at the moment.


Arthur is an average height man with dark brown hair that seems to be untameable, piering blue eyes which turn green under sunlight and semi-muscular body who is very confident in his appearance. Before joining Unchained Soul, he wore a brown jacket with a red scarf, a white shirt and jeans. He can never be seen without necklace with a green gem (emerald) that his mother gave to him last time she saw him. He has a brown belt in which he keeps his keys and whip handle. After joining Unchained Soul, he decided to change his outfit. Currently, his outfit consists of a dark blue T-shirt and a green plaid shirt, ripped black jeans that are held up by a belt with his keys and whip handle. He also wears dark blue All Star shoes. He keeps his golden pocketwatch in the pocket on his shirt. He is forced to wear a standard black-framed glasses due his eye-sight problems. When on a mission, he has a dark blue backpack in which he keep "everything necessary for survival". If he has to go "undercover", he puts a large dark green cloak on his back. His guild insignia is dark green, and is located on his right inner wrist, while his dark green Tiger Inner Spirit Mark is located on his upper right arm. Just like with Unchained Soul, Arthur decided to change his style of clothing to mark a new beggining. Instead of the dark-blue T-shirt, he now wears a white under-shirt followed by a V-cut purple pullover with a collar. His rebelious black ripped jeans are replaced by elegant black panths, his brown belt became black and his blue All-Star shoes were replaced by black ones. Arthur possesses a colour-changing device called ColorS, so he is able to change colours of his clothing in matter of seconds. In terms of accesory, Arthur wears a necklace with a green stone on it and a silver-chain bracelet. He is also wearing a black shoulder bag in which he has everything neccesary, most of the time he just carries books around. On more formal occasions, Arthur wears black panths, long-sleeved white shirt with a black tie and black oxford shoes, or tight black wool panths with a little white embroidery on the right legging, a black silk velvet period doublet with heavy gold bullion embroidery and brass embellishments and an ivory silk dickie with black ribbon.


Arthur is an optimist who is kind and cares about people's emotions. He is often described as he cares a little too much, helping everyone he can in any way, from financial to advice-giving. In addition, he is very clever and smart. The two combined make him a skilled tactician capable of foreseeing opponent's actions, being three steps ahead at any given time. He is also known to think a little too much about his past decisions, regreting the missed chances and things he didn't do, as well as regreting things he wished he didn't do. Being a Celestial Spirit Mage, Arthur woved never to break any of his promises, tending to fulfill them as soon as possible. He has a tendacy to avoid battles, avoiding unnecessary injuries and losses. However, when endangered or feeling threatened, Arthur gets a bit more serious note and is willing to use brute force. The same thing happens when his friends, guild-mates or Celestial Spirits are endangered. He has a tendacy to act childish and immature with people he barely knows, because he doesn't want them to be expecting anything out of him, his magic or intellect. When it comes to Celestial Spirits, Arthur treats them as his friends rather than tools like some other Celestial Spirit Mages. Even though technically being their owner, he refuses to adress himself in that manner. He is often known to want to satisfy them, putting their needs in front of his. His greatest fear and weakness are his actions in the past.


His Mother was a Celestial Spirit Mage. When he was 9, a group of dark mages atacked his mother and him. She sacraficed herself to save him and she left him all of her spirits (12 in total) and a necklace that has been in her family for 28 generations. His father was an inventor. After Arthur's mom died, his father closed to himself and his inventions. He sent Arthur to boarding school for young mages. He gratuated as the top of his class at age of 16. Still, his father didn't care about him. Arthur thought the only way to get his attention was by helping him, so he volounteered to be his guinea pig on various inventions, including a time-machine. He was sent 200 years in the future. He found out that his father broke the machine calling it "Devil's Work", so going back wasn't an option. The spirits helped him to survive and catch up with the time. He then ran into  Juliet Nakamura]] and they became close friends. Later that day they saw Juliet's sister Emily and decided to make a team. When The Heaven's Trio was formed, they decided to go for a quest. While they were wandering around the city, someone tried to steal Arthurs keys. By the time he was able to react, the thief started to run. Eugene stopped the thief and returned the keys to Arthur. He invited them to his guild , and they accepted it. After spending some time in Unchained Soul, he decided to go on a solo mission. He wanted to find the Fourth of the Seven Legendary Gems - Topaz. On his quest, he met a boy who has amnesia, Zaha. He swore he'll help him to regain his memory, even if it costs him his life. Later on, without any given explanation, Arthur decided to run away, leaving his life as an independant mage behind him, searching for a guild far away for him to never meet with anybody he knew, wanting to start over.

Celestial Spirit MagicEdit

Celestial Spirit Magic (星霊 魔法, Seirei Mahō): Arthur practices Celestial Spirit Magic, involves the summoning of Celestial Spirits. Celestial Spirit Magic is a Magic in which Arthur summons Celestial Spirits by opening their gates through the use of Celestial Spirit Gate Keys. These Keys are separated into two classes: the more common Silver and Elemental Keys and the rarer Gold, Platnium and Crystal Keys. Keys for Celestial Spirits are counted in Units (collectively without regard of Crystal, Elemental, Gold, Platnium or Silver), and a Celestial Spirit Mage is noted by how many Units they have obtained. 

When a Celestial Spirit Mage receives a Key and opens its Celestial Gate for the first time, they have to set up a contract with the respective Spirit. This contract consists of asking the Spirit which days it can be summoned by its contractor. This simple agreement leads to a dedicated and serious bond between the Spirit and summoner. However, under certain circumstances, i.e. during battle, and a Spirit is summoned for the first time, the making of a contract may be suspended on a later date. Contracts can be broken if the Mage gets arrested, releases the Spirit by themselves, or dies. When a Celestial Spirit Mage summons a Spirit, it appears directly next to them, as that's where the gates to the Spirit world had been opened. It's impossible to summon spirits elsewhere.

The Spirits must also abide by certain rules enforced by the Celestial Spirit King. The only rule that has been introduced so far is that a Spirit may not directly or indirectly kill its summoner under any circumstances. When the Gates are closed, it is required from both the summoner and the Spirit to agree upon the gate's closure. However, Spirits can also be "forced closed" in battle, which means they can be forced back into the Celestial World by the summoner's will, though not every Celestial Spirit Mage is capable of doing such. Celestial Spirits also have different categories of sorts that fall under the basic summoning conditions from their owner. It also seems that if the Celestial Spirit is strong enough, they can employ their own Magic to stay in the Human World, when/if the contract is not in action. The strength of the Celestial Spirits is affected by the Magical strength of their summoner.

  • Summon (召喚, Shōkan): A Celestial Spirit Mage is able to summon Celestial Spirits from another dimension by using the Keys of the Gates. Upon summoning Celestial Spirits, the keys radiate a golden or green orbs of light from which the respective spirit is formed. Celestial Spirits can aid the Mages in battle, do chores for them, or even just play with them. However, the mage has to follow the contract he has with the spirit and can summon him only on certain days. However, if the bond between the mage is strong enough, the contract can be temporaly dissolved.
  • Force Gate Closure (フォース·ゲート閉鎖, Fōsu gēto kl'ōsa): Arthur is able to force the gate of a Celestial Spirit to close against their will, prompting them to return to the Celestial Spirit World. Such skill would come in useful if one of his Spirits had been taken over by the foe through various means and was forced to attack him, allowing Arthur to remove them from battle without actually harming them. For a Celestial Spirit Mage, obtaining this ability seems to be a remarkable feat.
  • Multiple Summons (複数召喚,  Fukusū shōkan) Summoning more than one Celestial Spirit uses up a lot of the summoner's Magic ability which may cause death. However, Arthur has demonstrated the ability to summon four crystal spirits and one silver at the same time (five in total). Since Arthur is capable of this feat, it provides him great flexibility as he is able to combines the strength and abilities of their spirits for more powerful attacks.
  • Celestial Unison Raid (合体魔法・星霊流, Seresutiaru Yunizon Reido) : Celestial Unison Raid is a spell limited to Celestial Spirits, alongside their owner. Like all Unison Raids, Celestial Unison Raid combines magic of two or more spirits to create a more efficient attack. Arthur can also add his own Magic to increase the power of an attack.
  • Telepathy:(テレパシー, Terepashī) Arthur is capable of comunicating with his spirits via their keys (whether they're summoned or not) and uses this skill for tactical maneuvers. He can comunicate with up to three spirits at the same time. After he replaces a spirit in combat, he is unable to comunicate with him for a short period (three minutes).

Astral EmbodimentEdit

Astral Embodiment (実施星, Hoshi Jisshi) is a special Magic which compliments Celestial Spirit Magic by allowing the caster to take on the traits of certain Spirits in combat. While the caster receives the magical energy signature of the Spirit, the two creatures do not fuse, but the Spirit is instead sent back to the Spirit World and the caster will take their place. This allows the caster to summon more Spirits while maintaining the abilities of the other Spirit. Due to the fact that it is limited to Celestial Spirit Mages, like the spell Urano Metria, there are rather few users of this Magic. To compensate, just about any Celestial Spirit Mage can learn how to use it. However, while he was training with his spirits, they told him about this magic, and after three weeks, he mastered it. He is able to replace most of his spirits, but rarely does it.  He uses this magic as his trump card.

When using this Magic, the caster is required to summon one of their Celestial Spirits in order to activate the Magic. Any Spirit can be used, as long as the Spirit belongs to the caster, even something as pathetic as a Nikora. However, in order to achieve a successful transfer of abilities, the Spirit must have a lower total magical power than the recipient. Extraordinarily powerful spirits, like Aquarius, are seldom compatible with the caster and the result would become rather lackluster. However, this still very much depends on the caster and Golden Keys are still valid candidates for transference for some users. The process of transfer itself is surprisingly simple in comparison to Magic similar to Astral Embodiment, as all is required is the consent of both the caster and the Spirit. This process does not work based solely on verbal agreement, as both parts need to be thoroughly committed to the transfer of power, both emotionally and verbally, as their magical powers need to temporarily synchronize. If in discord, the transfer will fail and the Spirit will be expelled into the Spirit World temporarily. However, if both parts consent, they will start glowing in the color of their respective magical energies. As they start to synchronize, the caster's magical energy will gradually start changing color into the one of the Spirit. When the two energies match completely, the Spirit will fade away into golden dust and return to the Spirit World

Upon completing the transfer, the caster now temporarily possesses the exact abilities of the Spirit and can use them freely in junction with their own. If the Spirit utilized a medium for Holder Magic, the caster often gains this item as well, although the caster can use an item which they traditionally use in combat as a medium as well. However, some items are incompatible with certain types of Magic. When the powers and abilities of the Spirit is transferred to its caster, the caster possesses the ability to summon more Spirits while possessing the powers of the Spirit. Even if they only possess the capacity to summon one Spirit at the time, the Celestial Spirit Mage can still summon a new one, as the previous Spirit is technically in the Spirit World, even though their power lingers. This provides a massive advantage to the caster, as they now can now make use of multiple Spirits' abilities simultaneously. Most notably, however, is the fact that the caster now gains the ability to defend themselves in combat. Due to the fact that the majority of Celestial Spirit Mages are relatively defenseless without their Spirits, this is a major boon in their favor which enables them to fight alongside their Spirits.

Although rare, there are occasionally some side-effects associated with the transfer. Occasionally, the caster will take on some of the traits of the benefactor, but only if the Spirit has a very strong personality. These traits seldom manifest noticeably, with the exception of some slight changes in temper. With the exception of the items the caster may receive to use the Holder Magic of some Spirits, there are also no physical changes associated with the transfer. However, the caster's magical power is in turn altered. Having become identical to the benefactor Spirit's, the recipient can technically disguise themselves as the Spirit to sensor Mages, as they are virtually indistinguishable from the Spirit itself. However, this does only lasts for the remainder of the transfer and the recipient's magical power will revert back to their own. The duration of this Magic depends on the individual Spirits and therefore also on the spells. Some Spirits are far more durable than others and therefore provide more long-lasting effects, while others exhaust far quicker. While this generally depends on the kind of key, some Silver Key Spirits have demonstrated that they are far more durable than even some Golden Keys and it is therefore a generalization to state that Golden Keys are superior in every aspect.

  • Embodiment: Gladius (施星:">メカジキJisshi: Guradiusu): If needed, Arthur could replace Gladius, one of his most potent fighting spirits. While doing so, he would get no changes in physical appearance with the exception of Kenyōsu, his sword that would appear in his right hand. In addition to that, he would master Gravity Magic, allowing him to alter it into his advantage to an extent where he is able to create cracks in the ground while lifting 500 lbs in the air.
  • Embodiment: Puella (施星:Jisshi: Puera): Even though he doesn't preffer to utilize this technique, Arthur is capable of replacing Puella, the Charm, one of his rather non-combative spirits that uses Charm to hypnotize their opponents. In case he does replace her, he would be given her twin Sakura Tessen Fans that would appear in his hands or on rare occasions, her umbrella, although, this feature isn't neccesary. While in this state, Arthur gains mastery over Love Magic, allowing him to seduce and hypnotize women. When utilizing this technique, he rather loses all his will for fighting, hence Puella's strong personality. He has mastered Love Magic to an extent where he is able to Embracing Love two times in a row, a feature new even to Puella herself.
  • Embodiment: Dreina (施星:Jisshi: Duriena): In case Arthur replaces the Mist, Driena, she would gift him upon the abilities of Mist Magic in each aspect. While replacing Driena, a small green stone appears on his forehead. It is unknown why, possibly being a side-effect, although some believe that Driena channels her powers via the stone, thus, the stone is necessary while she is being replaced. Just like Driena's, Arthur's offensive-type mist is bloody-red, Defensive type is rather piercing-blue and Healing type takes a calm green shade. He has mastered this ability to an extent where he is able generate several clones of himself while healing minor wounds on his allies. In addition, his Mist abilities can be enhanced if summoning Nebula, the Mist-Totem. This ability manifests itself identical to when Dreina herself is summened, granting him the ability to simultaneously attack his opponents.
  • Embodiment: Rose (施星:ロズ, Jisshi: Rozu)Upon replacing the Petal, Rose, Arthur is likely to gain full control over her range of powers, thus mastering Flower, Wood and Plant Magic to an extent where he is able to replace his body with a clone made purely out of petals and use them as a form of transportation. Also, he gains the ability to manipulate the density, volume and hardness of the petals, making them lethal weapons. While in this state, he doesn't change any of his physical features, but infact, his will gets stronger, hence Rose's strong and protective personality.
  • Embodiment: Charta (施星:薬包紙, Jisshi: Charuta): If necessary, Arthur is capable of replacing the Paper, Charta, one of his most potent combative spirits. While in this state, just like Charta, Arthur masters the skill of Paper Magic, allowing him to manipulate paper at his will. Upon the replacement, he gains a small amount of small colourless papers which he stores up in his sleeve. He is then able to take them out, change their volume and density, granting them a specific colour, followed by a set of specific abilities. He is able to manipulate every colour Charta can to the same extent. Also, due Charta's strong personality, while in this state, Arthur becomes rather self-centered and stubborn, making it difficult to maintain a convevrsation with him.
  • Embodiment: Ignis ((施星:<イグニス, Jisshi: Igunisu): In case Arthur decides to replace the Lightning, Ignis. When in this state, his existing electrokinetical abilities via Nature Ring are enhanced, making it easier to utilize it. Upon replacing Ignis, Arthur doesn't get any new physical features except for lightning-shaped insignias on his palms through which he channels lightning, granting him mastery over Lightning Magic, allowing him to generate and manipulate existing currents via blue-coloured lightning bolts. He is even capable of coating himself with lightning, which proves that he also gets resistant to the currents. In addition, while in this state, he is able to move swiftlier and quicker, allowing him to dodge and evade attack with ease.
  • Embodiment: Bastet (施星:>バステト, Jisshi: Basuteto) : Upon replacing Bastet, the Black Cat, Arthur gains complete control over the element of darkness, allowing him to manipulate shadows with various colours, allowing him to alter their volume and density, making it a highly versatile skill. In adition to this, Arthur is able to polymorph himself into a cat, shrinking down to the size of already mentioned cat. While in this form, his fur is black while his eyes are piercing blue. He is way more agile in this form, however, he loses the ability to speak, instead, he can only meow. On one occasion, he has shown to be able to partially transform himself into a cat, repnacing his arms with paws, growing a tail and getting cat-ears, but he admits it was just an accident and isn't sure how he did it.
  • Embodiment: Scutum (施星:スクトゥム, Jisshi: Sakutumu): If needed, Arthur is capable of replacing his most defensive spirit, Scutum. While in this state, he gets the ability to requip, changing his stanradr clothes into armours of specific colours, each one representing their element. Upon wearing the armours, Arthur becomes slightly more resistant to the mentioned element. In addition to that, he gains minor abilities involving Shield Magic, allowing him to generate semi-transparent shields in different colours, each one of them resistant to the element they're representing. Alsom while doing so, his personality drasticly changes. Instead of fightning, he starts shielding everyone on his team, thus rarely uses this technique, believing that Scutum herself is able to protect them on her own.
  • Embodiment: Rex (施星:操り人形師, Jisshi: Reksu): Even though he doesn't use this technique often because 'it breaks his moral rights', Arthur is capable of replacing the Puppeteer, Rex, in order to gain mastery over Doll-Play and Command Magic via sceptre left behind by Rex. The sceptre is twenty inches long and is embeded with many Jewels that shine upon using either one of the mentioned magics. While in this state, he becomes a control-freak and is often willing to attack his allies to prove he's the strongest, thus never uses it in team fights.

Ring MagicEdit

Ring Magic (指輪魔法, Yubiwa Mahō) is a Holder type of Magic that allows the caster to cast different Magics and spells with special rings. The rings are meant to enhance the wielder's Magic Power, granting them the ability to cast various spells for different purposes; some can be used for everyday use (generally speaking) or solely for combat. The properties in each ring are completely varied. In addition, while there are various types of Ring Magic that can be used, some are simply spells without a proper Magic for them to back it up.

Nature Ring SpellsEdit

  • Water Shield (蓴菜, Junsai): When the Nature Ring is at its Water Stance, Arthur gains a small control over Water, allowing him to generate and manipulate small amounts of water, not bigger than himself. While preforming this technique, Arthur would conjure water from his ring in front of him in form of a high pressured water torent. After the torent moves three inches away from the ring, it starts to act as if there was an obstacle in front of it, stopping it from moving front. Instead, the water starts moving in 360° full circle with a diametar of 10 feet. After the required amount of water had been released, the ring would maintain this five inch thick layer of water as it would swirl it from the center to the edges, just for aesthetic purpouses. The shield is rummoured to work best for fire-based attacks.
    • Aqua Ring (水輪, Suirin): A variation of Water Shield; The spell is the conjuration of magical water which subsequently surrounds Arthur's being in a ring-like formation, constantly spiraling around him. He can increase or decrease the number of rings on a whim, but Arthur tends to keep two rings active. The rings enable Arthur to quickly forge other constructs out of water, mainly minor shields, within a radius appropriate enough for him to counter virtually every assault against them. At the same time, he's capable of simultaneously using the water within the rings to send out blistering offensive attacks in the form of water whips or bullets, allowing him to use minimal effort for maximum results in any battle involving Water Magic.
  • Earth's Swallow(地球ツバメ, Chikyū tsubame) Upon activating the Earth Stance on Nature Ring, Arthur gains small geokinetic abilities, allowing him to create cracks in the ground, conjure small rocks and dirt, however, the conjured items cannot be bigger than the conjurer, that is, Arthur himself. The only technique he mastered while in this state is Earth's Swallow, which allows him to generate a crack beneath himself deep and wide enough for him to fit in. This technique is perfect for dodging projectile-like attacks and uses it only if forced to, due the lack of -+-mobility in the hole.
  • Flame Bullet (炎の弾丸, Honō no dangan): While the Fire Stance is activated on Nature Ring, Arthur gains minor pyrokinetic abilities. In other words, the Nature Ring grants him ability to conjure and manipulate small amounts of fire, not bigger than himself. He rarely changes the ring into this stance, due Lumière Fragor's ability to manipulate it to a greater extent. However, if forced to do so (a miniature trump card), Arthur is able to generate several miniature bullet shaped constructs made purely out of fire and send them towards his target(s) at amazing speeds. This technique is quite useful if he needs to hit many opponents at once, even though the damage done isn't so great.
  • Twister (ツイスター, Tsuisutā): If the Nature Ring finds itself to be in Air Stance, it will give Arthur minor aerokinetic abilities, allowing him to create and alter air currents that surrounding him. Aditionally, if enveloping himsellf with air currents, he is able to levitate a few feet from the ground within seconds. This ability has proven itself to be helpful when the ground seemed to dissapear. Asside from that supplementary technique, Arthur has an offensive one is his arsenal. By altering the air currents in front of him, colliding each and every one into a center, Arthur creates a small tornado in front of him, picking up and lifting everything in front of him. He isn't able to maintain the vortex for a long time, his maximum is 20 seconds. After that, he won't be able to produce another one of them in 24 hours, since the ring would be re-charging. The spell is great in case he needs to lift or move heavy objects in front of him, as well as to distract opponents.
  • Thunderbolt (落雷, Rakurai)In case the Nature Ring's activated the Lightning stance, it would grant Arthur minor electrokinetic abilities such as generating electric currents or altering ones in his surrounding. Though he does not preffer to utilize this technique, if he's forced to, he would most likely save it as a trump card. To prepare for this spell, Arthur first has to gather as much electrones from his surrounding as possible to make the current stronger. If he isn't capable of doing so, he would generate the required amount. After gathering it, Arthur points his hand towards the target with his fist clenched so the ring is facing the target. He then releases the current via yellowish lightning bolt that strikes the target within miliseconds, making it almost impossible to evade. However, the damage dealt is not very potent, due electron loss while the bolt travels. Thus the attack is stronger if the target is closer to the Ring.

Hypno Ring SpellsEdit

  • Sleep (スリープ, Surīpu)First, Arthur puts his right index and thumb fingers on Hypno Ring as the lacrima stored within starts to release negative energy stored inside of it. This energy forms a rather small green sphere which moves freely on its own. Upon touching the target, the sphere releases energy stored within strong enough to put a grown man to sleep. This technique can't be used often, due to lacrima's long-time charging.

Heal Ring SpellsEdit

  • Remedy (療法, Ryōhō): Firstly, Arthur puts his hand near the wound, his fist clenched so the ring is facing the wound. Then he starts releasing positive energy stored within the lactima, forming into healing energy as it reaches the tip of the ring. The energy than groups into a small green sphere that is capable of moving on its own. When the sphere touches something organic, regardless injured or not, it releases all the energy stored wihin, healing the wound. This technique, even though useful, cannot be used as frequently, due to lacrima's long-tie charging.

Light Magic (via Lumière Fragor)Edit

Light Magic (光の魔法 Hikari no Mahō) is a Caster Type Magic which utilizes the element of light, allowing the mage to generate and manipulate light in every aspect. It uses positive emotions as well as photons from the enviroment to produce and soldify light, which can then be used for many purposes, both offensive and defensive. Upon activating the first stance of Lumière Fragor, Arthur recieves photokinetic abilities which allow him to manipulate and bend light by his will. He often uses reflective surfaces (mirrors, glass...) to redirect the light.

  • Light Shield (遮光体, Shakō-tai): After moving Lumière Fragor at high speeds in front of him in a circular clockwise motion, the trail of light left behind becomes solid, acting as a semi-transparent radiating shield capable of blocking several basic or one 'special' attack. The faster he spins it, the stronger the shield gets. In case he stops whips movements, the shield would slowly start to dissolve, falling apart, leaving him unprotected.
  • Light Blast (ライトブーム, Hikari Burasuto): After slowly spinning the whip in random direction clockwise motion, several small glowing spheres appear at the tip of Lumière Fragor. After violently flicking it towards the target, the spheres would seperate and rush towards the target at amazing speeds. They will not stop until they hit the target or something else. After the spheres merge once again, they explode, releasing an enormous amount of light and heat.
  • Blinding Light (まばゆいばかりの光, Mabayui bakari no hikari) Collecting the photons from his surrounding, Arthur focuses them upon Lumière Fragor, resulting in it glowing radiant white light, capableof blinding his enemies enough for him to flee. However, as the whip moves, his foes would most likely be able to register his movements.
  • Australis (極光 Kyokkō) : Arthur, finely weaving light particles around himself, he releases them in an aura surrounding himself. Through this, they can manipulate the light particles as they ever so wish, making them into any shape they desire: including an all around shield of light, an optical illusion by refracting light particles or even manipulating them into his standard threads for an omnidirectional assault and defense, making this a highly versatile spell.
  • Light Claw (光の爪, Hikari no Tsume): Spinning the whip around himself three times, he creates three solid objects made purely out of light that radiate pure gold. As he points the tip of his whip (most likely by a crackle) towards his enemy, the daggers head towards the enemy, striking and scratching it until they disolve.
  • Rain of Light (光の雨, Ame no Hikari): Arthur spins his whip in random directions, leaving a trail of light behind each one while doing so. By chanting "Rain of Light!", the light trails become beams of light that head towards his target(s), ambushing him from several directions. This technique has been shown helpful while duelling multiple opponents, but it mainly works as a distraction, allowing him to summon Celestial Spirits.
  • Exuro's Stance Secret Art: Stella (光スタンス秘密の芸術:ステラ, Hikari sutansu himitsu no geijutsu: Sutera): After gently swinging Lumière Fragor in counter-clockwise motion, Arthur slowly starts gathering photons from his surroundings onto the tip of his whip. After the required amount has been gathered, Arthur releases the conjured orb at amazing speed from the tip with a quick flick towards the target. The mentioned orb then travels towards the target at amazing speeds, resembling a shooting star.

Fire Magic (Lumière Fragor)Edit

Fire Magic (火の魔法 Hi no Mahō) is a Caster Magic that allows the user to control and manipulate the kinetic energy of magical particles to generate, control or absorb fire, being able to manipulate it for general purposes. This is induced by the user raising the motion of a target's magical particles through telekinesis in order to ignite it. They can excite or speed up an object's magical particles, increasing their thermal energy until they ignite, not necessarily objects, but also air particles. In order to ignite something, Arthur uses friction between air and Lumièrè Fragor, most likely his whip. With the generated fire, he is able to use it for various purposes, offensive and defensive.

  • Flame Bullet (炎の弾丸, Honō no dangan): After spinning Lumière Fragor in the air once, Arthur is capable of conjuring a small sphere of fire at the tip of his whip which he then fires towards his enemy. Only one bullet can be conjured at a time and it cannot be bigger than an average human thumb.
  • Pyro Claw (パイロ爪, Pairo Tsume): In a simillar manner like Light Claw, Arthur creates three blades made purely out of fire which he manipulates with the motions of his whip. He can send them towards his foe by crackling Lumière Fragor in their direction. The flames will slowly fade.
  • Bonfire Blast (たき火ブーム, Takibi Burasutu) : After spinning Lumière Fragor around himself, gathering heat while doing so, Arthur forms a sphere of fire at the tip of his whip, which he then fires towards his target(s) in a straight line, representing a beam. The fire can easily be extinguished by water.
  • Rising Sun (旭日, Kyokujitsu) : By concentrating magical power at certain locations within the ground, and subsequently releasing it as a combustive pillar of flame, Arthur can damage multiple enemies simultaneously without any need for extensive preparation. It should be noted that the explosions caused are somewhat mild and inaccurate through quick casting, and as such, it is much more effective for the spell to be used as an ambush for immediate and potent injury towards an enemy.
  • Burning Protection (燃え保護, Moe Hogo): Spinning the whip around him in clockwise direction, due to friction of the whip and air, Arthur is able to generate a non-transparent dome of pure fire that protects him from the inside. However, if the shield is maintained for a longer period, the oxygen-level within would drasticly fall, resulting in Arthur and the ones within fainting.
  • Flammus' Stance Secret Art: Meteora (火災のスタンスの秘密アート:メテオラ, Furamuru no sutansu no himitsu āto: Meteora): Focusing on the friction between the whip and air while violently spinning the whip in random directions in counter-clockwise circular motions, Arthur slowly gathers heat in form of fire at the tip of the whip. After the required amount is gathered, Arthur releases it by flicking the whip violently towards his target(s). The generated fire swirls in the air, increasing the friction, making it grow, resembling a meteor while doing so.

Inner Spirit MagicEdit

Inner Spirit Magic (インナーウルフマジック, In'nā urufu majikku) is a Caster type of Magic. This Magic is simmilar to Take Over, but instead of physical changes, the user gets animal abilities such as enhanced speed, enhanced hearing and simmilar. To obtain this ability, the user must meet his/hers inner spirit. The Inner Spirits always choose humans. All Inner Spirits are animals and they reside in the Inner Spirit World. To gain spirits trust and obtain this magic, the user must pass series of exams and prove himself/herself worthy. After the user passes all exams, he gets a Spirit Mark somewhere on his/her body. The Spirit decides the place of the mark, but the user chooses the colour. The spirit mark is shaped like the animals foot print. If the animal doesn't have a foot print (like a dolphin or a butterfly) it's gonna be shape shaped like something special on that animal (dolphins tail or butterflies wings in this case).

  • Inner Tiger (インナータイガー, In'nā taigā): Arthur has obtained the trust of the legendary white tiger, Xuen Hao. He got dark green Tiger Spirit Mark on his upper right arm. Arthur can activate all of the abilities at once by reciting "Inner Spirit Soul: Tiger!". He can also activate only one of the abilities by reciting "Partial Tiger!". In order to keep the Spirit Mark on his body, Arthur must keep at least one ability activated, usually he keeps the magical power boost activated. Tigers are known to have immense endurance and ammount of energy, thus the user would get a small, yet efficient boost in his magical energy amount. Tigers are excellent hunters and they usually hunt in water, so the user would get a bit enhanced reflexes, slightly increased speed and resistance to Water Magic.

Non-Magic AbilitiesEdit

Keen Intelect: Over the years he spent observing various mages and their techniques, Arthur has collected an enormous ammount of knowledge about magic itself, being able to recognize almost every one of them by a single spell. In adition to that, he has spent hours in the library, gathering knowledge about various things, from healing plants to Lost Magics. On the top of that, due his excellent relationship with his Celestial Spirits, he knows every Celestial Spirit there is and is able to recognize their constellations in the night sky. Also, he has a very high IQ, it being around 154. That allows him to memorize things to the tiniest details, especially battles he has witnessed or participated in. With this ability, he can most likely guess his opponent's next move. He doesn't like for people to know about his brilliance and rather acts childish, tricking almost everyone. An example of his cunning was shown during his time trapped inside of a ten-layered elemental rune shield while on the quest for the dagger of mare, when he was able to decript the codes, rewrite the runes and predict their outcomes within seconds. Also, he was shown to have the best score in the written-part of Koma Inu's S-Class exam, revolving mostly about knowledge and deccisions, having almost 100 percent of correct answers.

Expert Whip Specialist: Despite his tendacy to avoid battles or having his spirits fight for him, Arthur is in fact a very skilled whip-user, making him a specialist when it comes to whips. He has shown to be skilled enough to use it as a graphling hook, a rope and is skilled enough to grab his opponents, wraping them with it and restricting them at the same time. Due to Lumière Fragor's lenghtening ability, Arthur can make it long enough to wrap a group of twelve people within, as shown once. In addition, when the whip is in it's light stance, Arthur is able to preform a light show, swirling, twisting and cracking his whip to produce varrey of light-based effects. With all of this being said, Arthur can employ whips as an effective weapon at short-to-mid range.

Weapons & EquipmentsEdit

Among various possessions of many kinds, Arthur's most notable possessions are his Gate Keys used for summoning various celestial spirits, several rings that can produce many different techniques, two Legendary Gems, Emerald and Topaz, used for instant heal and mana regenerations and his whip, Lumière Fragor, made purely out of light that can also be used for versatile array of attacks.

Crystal KeysEdit

Crystal Keys are the third type of Celestial Spirit Gate Keys, alongside the infamous Golden and Silver Gate Keys. They are light blue made of rough quartz crystal. In terms of rarity, one could say that they're not commonly found like Silver ones, but are not as rare as Golden Keys. So far, Arthur hasn't met another Celestial Spirit Mage with crystal keys, probably due their rarity. Each key and the its spirit is counted as a unit. Currently, he possesses seven pure crystal gate keys and one Hybrid-Type crystal gate key which is fused with a small part of Topaz, making it unique. Most of the spirits (every one excluding Charta) are ablee to enter the human world freely, without the need of being summoned.

  • Gate of the Sword (剣の鍵, Ken no kagi): The Gate of the Sword Key is a crystal-type key used by Celestial Spirit Mages to summon the Sword, Gladius. The four-inches long key is depicted to be a regular crystay key designed like an upside-down dual-edged sword, the hilt being its bow and the blade being the rest of the sword. Key wards rise from the edge of the sword, resembling two sharp-edged triangles with little ingravings of stars on them. As mentioned, the key summons Gladius with the incancation "Open, Gate of the Sword!", a warrior based stubborn and very protective Spirit that mostly uses melee combat techniques. He is dressed in a battle kimono and has a katana strapped to his back. He refers to the katana as Kenyosu. Alongside his outsdanding swordmanship skills, Gladius is able to alter gravity into his favour, making objects levitate as well to push/pull the target towards/away from him. In addition, he can use Kenyosu to preform powerful attacks by coating the blade and releasing the energy in many forms. 
  • Gate of the Charm (愛の鍵, Ai no kagi): The Gate of the Charm Key is a crystal-type key used by Celestial Spirit Mages in order to summon the Charm, Puella. The three-and-a-half-inches long key is described as a regular crystal-type key, designed in an unusual matter. The bow is represented oval with a little cherry-blossom engraving on it, alongside a pair of angelic wings at its sides, while the blade seemes to be spiral, the tip of it representing a heart half the size of the oval bow. As stated before, with the incantation "Open, Gate of the Charm!" the Celestial Spirit Wizard summons Puella, a young blonde girl, wearing her long hair in twin piggy-tails, dressed in a short white-and-pink dress, accompained by a large pink umbrella and twin tessen fans that she uses as her main weapon. She is the master of Love Magic that allows her to create and manipulate coloured heart-shaped bubbles in order to create an effect that can be used for both, offensive and defensive purposes. She is very confident in her sexual-appeal and uses it to her advantage. Sometimes she acts very immature, but she is very protective about Arthur and has shown great respect and love for her master, as well as the other way around. 
  • Gate of the Mist (霧の鍵, Kiri no kagi): The Gate of the Mist Key is a crystal-type Gate Key used by Celestial Spirit Mages to summon the Mist, Dreina. The four-inches long key is depicted to be a regular crystal key designed simmilar do a dandelion. The bow seems to be weavy like a cloud, representing mist with a small green gem at the centre of it, while the blade looks like four twisted strings that fet thinner as they reach the tip of the blade, making it sharp. Near the end of the blade appears a small Pan's Flute with many clouds engraved on it. A Celestial Spirit Mage is able to summon Driena while chanting "Open, Gate of the Mist!", resulting in a mature woman with beautiful green hair appearing in front of the key, nearly always playing the Pan's Flute. She is dressed in a long white swaying dress and a short red cloak. She specializes in Mist Magic that allows her to generate and manipulate mist for various purposes, offensive, defensive and healing, each one of them being differently coloured. She is able to manipulate the density, volume and hardness of the mist, making it a powerful weapon. She appears to be like a mother to Arthur, always commenting on his messy hair, untidy clothes et cetera. Despite this, she truly loves and cares for him.
  • Gate of the Petals (華の鍵, Hana no kagi): The Gate of the Rose Key is a crystal-type Gate Key used by Celestial Spirit Wizards in order to summon the Petal, Rose. The three-and-a-half-inches long key is described to be a regular crystal key, resembling a rose. The bow of this key resembles the flower, making engravings on it represent rose petals. The stem seemes to be regular straight with the exceptions of several thorns appearing on the sides. The stem is narrowing itself, making the tip of the blade sharp. Near the bary end of the blade, several rose leaves emerge from the blade and are paralel to the petals. By chanting "Open, Gate of the Petals!", a Celestial Spirit Wizard is capable of summoning Rose, a young-looking girl with ash-grey hair, dressed in a seductive red dress, surrounded by various types of flowers that radiate sweet smell. Don't let her fragile appearance fool you, she's one of the stronger spirits Arthur possesses! She has demonstrated to be able to manipulate plants, wood and flowers by her will in order to achieve desired effect, making her a highly qualified combatant. She is also able to summon them out of nowhere and they do her bidings. She is kind and cares about other people, especially Arthur.
  • Gate of the Thunder (稲妻の鍵, Inazuma no kagi): The Gate of the Thunder Key is a crystal-type Gate Key used by Celestial Spirit Mages to summon the Thunder, Ignis. The four-inches long key is depicted to be a regulat crystal key, designed to look like a stormy could. Its bow is rather weavy with sharp edges, resembling a very upset cloud. Its stem is representet like a lightning bolt,simultaneously making corners and edges, getting thinner with each step, making the tip rather sharp. In order to summon Ignis, a Celestial Spirit Mage has to put the key in front of him and chanting "Open, Gate of the Thunder!", resulting in a young boy appearing in front of the key. The boy has pale blond hair and piercing blue eyes and is dressed in baggy clothes. The most unusual features are twin lightning bolt insignias on palms of his hands, thanks to which he is able to generate and manipulate lightning. He is shown to be quite agile, using electricity to boost his speed. He rarely speaks and is quite distant, but the bond these two have is really strong.
  • Gate of the Paper (紙の鍵, Kami no kagi): The Gate of the Paper Key is a crystal-type Gate Key used by Celestial Spirit Wizards in order to summon the Paper, Charta. The 3¾-inch long key, designed to resemble an origami, is a regular crystal-type key. The bow is shaped like an origami lion's head that looks like roaring with extremly sharp edges. The stem is cilindrical and doesn't narrow as it reached the tip of the blade. On the stem are various origami motivs. By the end of the blade rises an origami crane, also with very sharp edges. The Celestial Spirit Wizard is capable of summoning Charta by grabbing the key and putting it in front of themselves as they chant "Open, Gate of the Paper!", resulting in the appearance of a girl with long blue hair that reaches her ancles, decorated with many pieces of paper, wearing a short white dress. Upon taking the colourful pieces of paper from her hair, she is able to change their volume in order to create a desired effect, making her a highly potent combatant. She is blaming herself for death of Arthur's mother, due the fact she wasn't able to protect her, thus wants to protect Arthur by every cost, even her life.
  • Gate of the Black Cat (黒猫の鍵, Kuro neko no kagi): The Gate of the Black Cat Key is a Crystal-type Gate Key used by Celestial Spirit Mages to summon the Black Cat, Bastet. The 4¼ inches long key is depicted to be a regular key resembling a cat. The bow is shaped like cat's head that looks like hising with extraordinary sharp edges on which the summoner could easily get cut in case he doesn't pay much attention. The stem appears to be designed like four twisted strings and doesn't narrow at the tip. The tip itself has a different design, looking like a cat's paw with claws pointing in the opposite direction than the head. The Celestial Spirit mage can summon Bastet while chanting "Open, Gate of the Black Cat!". As a result, a young girl dressed in a black dress with neko-ears appears in front of the summoner. Bastet specializes in Darkness Magic, allowing her to manipulate coloured shadows in order to get desired effects. In additionm she can transform herself into an actual black cat. While in this state, she doesn't radiate as much magical energy and easily gets unnoticed by sensors. She and Arthur have a strong relationship.
  • Gate of the Warrior (戦士の鍵, Senshi no kagi): The Gate of the Warrior Key is a hybrid type Gate key, but remebles the crystal-type the most. The key was originally full crystal type, but upon braking of the tip, Arthur fixed it by infusing a small part of Topaz with the broken key. It resembles a normal looking key with a common oval bow, cilindrical stem and normal cuts, only the top part is light blue, while the rest is orange. A Celestial Spirit Wizard is able to summon Zaha by chanting "Open, Gate of the Warrior!" and putting the key in front of him. The result is the appearance of a young man, dressed in ninja suit with a katana on his back. Zaha is capable of combining Air and Gravity in order to create a unique technique, Pressure Magic. In addition, he is able to change the katana for a dual edged sword glowing radiant red and green, each one with unique sets of abilities. Both Arthur and Zaha state that they're best friends and Zaha is often summoned just to hang out, not for battling purposes.

Silver KeysEdit

Silver Keys are the second type of Celestial Spirit Gate Keys, alongside the infamous Golden and less known Crystal Keys. As their name states, they're made purely out of silver and can be commonly bought in Magic Shops. Usually they don't have any special designs like Golden or Crystal ones. Each one of them counts as one unit, regardless the strenght of the spirit. Currently, Arthur has contracts with nine Silver Type Celestial Spirits.

  • Gate of the Minor Fox (軽微狐の鍵, Keibi kitsune no kagi): Gate of the Minor Fox Key is a silver-type gate key utilised by Celestial Spirit Mages in order to summon the Minor Fox, Vulpex. The key has a standard silver design, square shaped bow, cilindrical stem and standard blade tip with teeth. There is a fox's paw crest on the bow, as well as on the teeth. A Celestial Spirit Mage is capable of summoning Vulpex by reciting "Open, Gate of the Minor Fox!" while putting the key in front of himself, resulting in a cuddly white-furred fox with red ornaments on its fur appearing in front of the mage. The fox also seems to be wearing a pair of bells around his neck, which are commonly heard when he uses his Fire Magic, that is the ability to conjure and manipulate fire. Even though he's small, he has shown to be fierce when it comes to battle. He will act as a guardian, protecting his friend from any harm. Vulpex is said to be the third spirit Arthur made contract with.
  • Gate of the Wings (翼の鍵, Tsubasa no kagi): Gate of the Wings Key is a silver-type gate key used by Celestial Spirit Mages while summoning the Wings, Fairy. The key has a standard silver design, oval bow, cilindrical stem and standard blade with wings as teeth. There is a wing crest on the bow, as well as a pair of silver angelic wings on the sides of the bow. A Celestial Spirit Mage would be able to summon Fairy by chanting "Open, Gate of the Wings!" as he puts her key in front of him. The outcome of this action would be a young girl with long green hair that reaches her ancles with a pair of fairy wings on her back. Arthur believes that his bond with Fairy is the strongest one, since she was his first spirit he made contract with. She specializes in Fairy Magic , allowing her to preform varrey of attacks with Fairy Dust for offensive purposes, Prayer Magic that allows her to boost abilities of her alies and Transformation, granting her the ability to change her physical appearance, mainly used for changing her size.
  • Gate of the Heavenly Bird (天国鳥の鍵, Tengoku tori no kagi): Gate of the Heavenly Bird Key is a silver-type gate key used by Celestial Spirit Mages in order to summon the Heavenly Bird, Apus. The key has a standard silver-type design, it's bow is squared, the stem is cilindrical and the tip of the blade is supposed to represent a katana. A feather simbol is embeded on the bow, alongside several feather ornaments on the blade. A Celestial Spirit Mage is able to summon Apus by reciting "Open, Gate of the Heavenly Bird!". As a result, a young pale boy with a pair of giant bird-like blue wings holding a katana in his right hand. He is skilled in using it in order to blast powerful slashes on his enemies. In addition, Apus is able to generate and manipulate dark blue feathers, allowing him to change their volume, density and hardness, making them lethal. Arthur recieved this key upon reaching his eighth birthday, making it his second spirit to make contract with.
  • Gate of the Dove (鳩の鍵, Hato no kagi): Gate of the Dove Key is a silver-type key used by Celestial Spirit Mages in order to summon the dove, Lola. The key has a standard silver-type design. The bow of the key is oval, the stem is cilindrical and the tip of the blade represents a beak. There is a little heart embeded on the bow. This key allows a Celestial Spirit Mage to summon the dove, Lola, by reciting "Open, Gate of the Dove!" while putting the gate key in front of him. The result of the two is the appearance of a young girl dressed in weavy clothes with angelic like wings, carrying an olive branch in her right hand. Lola specializes in Healing Magic, allowing her to prevent unnecesarry damages on both, organic and non-organic matters. The two have an excellent relationship, since she treats him like an older sister. She often pumches him, calling him an idiot while duelling someone.
  • Speculum: Summons the Mirror, Speculum. It specializes in Reflection Magic and has the ability to hide it's master inside of him, creating an identical clone of his master.
  • ScutumSummons the Shield, Scutum. She specializes in Requip Magic, focusing on various shields.
  • ArionSummons the Horse, Arion. He specializes in Speed Magic.
  • Nebula: Summons the Totem, Nebula. It increases Dreina's Magical powers.
  • LapusSummons the White Rabbit, Lapus. He has the ability to see the past of an object by simply touching it.
  • Rex: Summons the Puppeteer, Rexus. He specializes in Doll Play Magic and Command Magic.

Elemental keysEdit

While the Silver and Gold Keys call the Celestial Spirits who are representative of the stars in space, the Elemental key's represent the elements. They live in a special part of the Celestial Spirit World. While they are a separate race, they have agreed to (for the most part) abide by the Spirit King's rules. Alone they are weak compared to Golden Spirits, but when in group of three they're equally strong as one Golden Spirit. Their keys can be found in their natural environment and usually take an appearance of a young boy/girl or an animal. Their respective keys are in different colours, each one representing an element. Currently, Arthur possesses four Elemental Keys

  • Gate of the Never-Ending Water! (水の鍵, Mizu no kagi): Gate of the Never-Ending Water Key is an elemental-type key utilized by Celestial Spirit Mages while summoning Voda, the Never-Ending Water. The key has a typical water-based design; its bow is oval with many engrawings resembling waves with a pair of handles, representing an upside-down urn. The stem seems to be unstable, representing the flowing water. It get's thicker as it reaches the tip of the blade, resembling a wavy sea, Every detail on this is coloured in silver, while the key itself is dark blue. While summoning Voda, a Celestial Spirit Mage has to put her key in front of him while chanting "Open, Gates of the Never-Ending Water!". A huge amount of water is released from the tip of the blade from which Voda is formed. She is dressed in a blue dress that seems to be moving, representing the movements of rivers. Her blue hair reaches all the way to her lower back. Instead of feet she has a moving torrent of water that sprouts from her dress, spinning in the same manner as the dress itself. She is able to conjure or manipulate existing water from her surroundings in order to preform warrey of attacks. She is also able to manipulate water's temperature, making it icy cold or boiling hot. 
  • Earth Spirit:  Summons the Terra, Earth Spirit. It specializes in Earth Magic.
  • Air SpiritSummons the Wind, Air Spirit. It specializes in Air Magic.
  • Light Spirit:  Summons the Lumos, Light Spirit. It specializes Light Magic.


Rings are magical artefacts used via Ring Magic. Each one of them has it's reign, allowing the wearer to manipulate certain things with it, from creating a vortex to healing major wounds. Currently, Arthur possesses three rings, one being on his right hand while the other two are on his left hand. Their major weakness are lacrimas that can spend all of the energy accumulated within, making it very risky for the user.

  • Nature Ring: Has the ability to manipulate 5 basic elements (Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Lightning) through their stances. Each one of the stances grants him minor kinetical abilities over their elements (i.e. Fire stance grants him minor pyrokinetical abilities) as well as a passive, barely noticable feature that he can shut on and off at his will. However, only one feature can be activated at the same time. The ring itself has a twistable head, allowing Arthur to switch from stances with ease.
    • Stance Switch: Changes the stance of the ring by twisting the head for the wanted element. Each stance grants Arthur minor kinetical abilities over their elements and passive features.
      • First stance of the Nature Ring! Water Stance! : While in this stance, the ring grants Arthur minor hydrokinetical abilities, as well as increasing healing made by him and recieved for a small, barely noticable percentage since water represents purity.
      • Second stance of the Nature ring! Earth Stance! : When the Earth Stance is activated, Arthur is gifted with minor geokinetical abilities, as well reducing damage recieved by a small percentage, since earth is the element of protection.
      • Third stance of the Nature Ring: Fire Stance! : Upon activating the Fire Stance, Arthir gains minor pyrokinetical abilities as well a small boost while dealing damage, especially fire based as fire is often used as a metaphore for rage and ferocity.
      • Fourth stance of the Nature Ring! Air Stance! : In case the Air stance is activated, the Nature Ring would allow Arthur to manifest minor aerokinetical abilities as well as gifting him a small boost in speed because air can represent lightness.
      • Fifth stance of the Nature Ring! Lightning Stance! : If the final stance of Nature Ring is activated, Arthur would have minor electrokinetical abilities, as well as a small boost involving his accuracy, due the fact Lightning is usually precise.
  • Hypno Ring: This ring is worn on his left hand. It is made of gold with a little emblem of a cloud with the letters "Zzz" engraved on it. It mainly focuses on using negativity and darkness from Arthur's enviroment, collecting energy and filling a lacrima stored within. The lacrima can then release the accumulated energy, strong enough to put an adult man to sleep. After doing so, the ability will be usable within 24 hours, depending on Arthur's surroundings.
  • Heal Ring: A golden ring wore on his left hand. Its most memorizable feature is the emblem with a little heart on it, engraved with a thick plus. The lacrima stored within the ring charges with positive emotions and light from Arthur's surroundings, opposite to Hypno Ring. The lacrima is then able to release the accumulated energy in form of a small green sphere filled with healing energy, strong enough to cure most bleeds and fractures. The sphere releases energy if it makes contact with anything organic. This ability can only be used once within 24 hours, due to lacrima's small capacity.
File:The Emerald.png

Emerald GemEdit

The gem on his necklace. It's the second of the Seven Legendary Gems. It represents hope. It belonged to his mother. It is infused with magical energy and increases the users Magical Power by a percentage. It is in Arthur's family for 28 generations. It's hinted that all the users were Celestial Spirit Mages and that the emerald comes from Celestial Spirit World. This stone passively accumulates magical energy, and the user can release it all at once, replenishing his magical energy. It takes 24 hours for the necklace to accumulate max. capacity of magical energy.

  • Release (リリース, Rirīsu): The user releases accumulated magical energy, recovering his/hers magical energy and creating a greenish healing aura around himself/herself.
    • Release: Spirit Style (リリース: スピリットスタイル, Rirīsu: Supiritto sutairu): Some of Arthur's spirits are capable of releasing accumulated magical energy in order to recover Arthurs magical energy and heal him.
  • Crystal of Protection (保護の結晶, Hogo no kesshō): This is Emeralds primary (and only) ability, alongside Release. Emerald creates a large crystal-shaped visible shielding aura around itself (aprox. 10 meters). This aura will negate all curses.

Topaz GemEdit

Topaz is the sixth legendary gem which represents calmness. It's yellow and made of a unique alloy of topaz and quartz. Formerly, it belonged to Zaha. A major part of it is embedem within Zaha's summoning key, while the remaining small part is currently held next to his keys. Like all gems, Topaz has the ability to passively accumulate magical energy within and allows it's bearer to release it all at once, resulting in complete healing of the mentioned user. It takes 24 hours for the 'spell' to be usable again.

  • Release (リリース, Rirīsu): The user releases accumulated magical energy, recovering his/hers magical energy and creating a greenish healing aura around himself/herself. Considering that the gem is divided into two pieces, Arthur would release all of the capacity within the piece embeded in the key while summoning Zaha, while he would release all capacity of the smaller gem whenever he wishes.
  •  Release: Spirit Style (リリース: スピリットスタイル, Rirīsu: Supiritto sutairu): Some of Arthur's spirits are capable of releasing accumulated magical energy within the small piece of the gem in order to recover Arthurs magical energy and heal him. This applies to Zaha, he can release it at any time, regardless whether he is summoned or not.
  • Dark Ward ( ダークワード, Dāku wādo):Topaz has the ability to absorb any dark energy (excluding death magic) and nullify it.

Lumière FragorEdit

Lumière Fragor (リュミエールクラック, Ryumiēru Furagoru) is a weapon (whip) specially designed for Arthur. He got it as a present for his twelft birthday (alongside Rex's silver key). When not activated, a dark-green coloured handle can only be seen. Upon activating it, a string made completely out of light formed out of photons from his surroundings is formed and then the weapon itself starts to resemble a whip. The light itself acts as solid, allowing him to grab onto solid objects and as well to preform a various array of attacks. Arthur can shorten or longen the lenght of the string, making it a highly versaitle weapon. The weapon itself has two astances, both with their own sets of abilities.

  • Exuro Verbera Stance: The first stance of the whip representing light. While this stance is activated, Arthur can manifest photokinetical abilities via the whip itself, using it to utilize various offensive and defensive techniques. The whip glows radiant white upon activating this stance and is stated to be much lighter and quicker than the original.
  • Flammus Flagello Stance: The second stance of the whip which represents Fire, granting him pyrokinetical abilities through the whip itself, allowing him to preform various actions and techniques, both offensive and defensive. While in this stance, the whip gets coated with a thin layer of fire and its hits are stated to be more powerful that the original.

Arthur also has the ability to merge with Lumière Fragor in either one of the stances by reciting "Invectus" and wraping himself wih the whip. While in this state, his existing kinetical abilities are enhanced and he gains several new features such as teleportation and moving at amazing speeds. He can quickly seperate from the whip by picturing the whip and himself dissolving. After utilizing this technique, he is known to feel fatique.


  • Arthur was named after my one of my favorite british actors, Arthur Darvill.
  • He is the first character created by me.
  • He was originally named Arthur Daktsuri.
  • Some of the spells weren't written by me, all the credits go to their original creators.
  • His favorite food are lasagne, and his least favorite food are artichokes.
  • His theme song is How Far We've Come by Matchbox Twenty.