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"To defy fate, all one needs to go on without giving up."

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Alex Blackwood

アレックス 黒い木




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Alex Blackwood (( アレックス 黒い木 (Arekkusu Kuroiki) ))


Alex is a fairly tall, slim, and fit man with a younger face than his age would allude to. He possesses dark scarlet eyes, long silver hair that hangs just below his cheeks to frame his face. He is usually seen wearing a dark red shirt made of the finest velvet and silk, with the buttons made of white scales. Over his shirt, he wears a black cloak that is complete with a hood, extending past his ankles, which is actually one of the few clothing pieces he owns that is made completely from leather. The clothing he usually wears is made from red silk and black velvet, while his shoes are made from soft leather and covered on the outside with red velvet and in the inside with black silk. He is sometimes seen carrying two green orbs on his waist, which are actually small bags which at times tend to confuse others when they hear he’ll keep his stuff in his bag and don’t see a bag. Inside the small bag are a notebook, some pens, pencils, erasers and a paintbrush with 2 small paint tray’s with it (the color paint differs most of the time).


Eccentric and a bit gregarious, this is what most people would call Alex when they first meet him. He is a mature individual, often keeping his calm in most situations that he is placed in. Alex, when the time is right, likes to joke around with others and be carefree to an extent. He's a fan of intellectual conversations rather than useless babble he is usually subjected to, often getting very bored when he has to listen to the same topic repeatedly. Some might call him laid-back. He isn't the type of man to hold his tongue, often stating his opinions when necessary. People can call Alex a bit stubborn, and he admits that he is stubborn to a certain degree.


Alex was born into the Blackwood family 22 years ago. While the Blackwood family is rather well known around archeologists and people with ties to archeology, outside of those people they are mostly known for their donations and charity proms for the improvement of life by the general public.

As Alex would grow up as the heir to the family, his parents arranged that he would be receiving education from the best teachers they could get instead of sending him to a normal school, deeming the lack of flexibility of a normal school detrimental to the growth of knowledge.

During his first archeological trip at the age of 14, he went with his parents to the largest country in Earthland, the Pergrande Kingdom, to excavate several pre-zeref era sites. Before any practical work could be done on the actual site though, they first had to discuss with the ruler of the kingdom what the objective would be, from where to where they could search and how long the area could be sealed of to outsiders while they worked.

As they got to an agreement, and went to one of the sites, Alex was kept secure in an tent where the little boy was made to study each item together with one of his teacher.


Magic and AbilitiesEdit

  • Requip (換装 Kansō) This Magic allows users to store items in pocket dimensions. Mages who use this Magic can change equipment (weapons, armor, clothes, etc.) during battle, which gives them a high level of flexibility in combat. While sticking mostly to weapons, Alex also has a few armors for when his own weapons are not enough. His main weapon of usage though still remains his trident, since it allows him better control and a better focus for fighting opponents.
  • Sword Magic (剣の魔法 Ken no Mahō): In addition to Requip, Alex is also a user of Sword Magic. As the name implies, this is a type of Magic which revolves around the use of swords. Through the use of this Magic, Alex is capable of using his swords to perform different Magical attacks. This is usually done in combination with specific swords of him, which can make him deadlier in close melee combat or, when combined with his armors.


Staff weapons


Trident(トライデント Toraidento): While his trident does not have access to many spells, it is one of the few that gives him a lot of versatility inside combat and outside of it. The reason for that is that it acts as both a normal weapon, but also as a focus point to channel and concentrate magic through, giving him access to blasts of shock-waves for both mid-range and close-range as well as giving him access to explosions at the point of impact when the focus of his magic is on the head of the trident, allowing him in turn a lot more room for tactics and combinations then with most of his other requips.

IMG 6796

Water Core(水コア Mizu Koa): Another one of Alex his weapons that is more useful as a focus point during battle then stabbing others during the fight, mainly because this one has 1 lacryma on both sides of the staff which give him access to more powerful spells with a reduced cost in using them. Without charging magic through the lacryma, Alex can strengthen the staff for close combat, and when charging magic through both of the lacryma, it gives him access to some water-magic.

  • Water Magic(水の魔法 Mizu no Mahō): This staff allows Alex to charge his staff with water and release powerful whirlpools against his opponent.
    • Water Slash(水斜線 Mizu shasen): While using the Water core, the user charges the head of the staff with water and then attacks the target with water

shaped like blades.

  • Water blast Lancelot casts a jet of high-pressured water from his watercore, which can travel quite a distance, to hit a specific target. When used with his watercore, the blasts have a more compressed impact, similar to a sledgehammer at their weakest, where-as with his waterlance, the blasts have a more piercing effect similar to those of a drill.

IMG 6534

Waterlance(水槍 Mizuyari): Waterlance consists of an axe blade topped with a spike mounted on a long shaft. It also has a hook or thorn on the back side of the axe blade for grappling mounted combatants and with a length of 2 meter long, it is certainly one of the longer ones Alex wields of his pole weapons. While the most used magical function of this one would most likely be the water magic it grants the user, but a lesser known function of it is that with the proper tweaking and usage, it also gives access to ice magic.

  • Water Magic(水の魔法 Mizu no Mahō): This halberd allows Alex to charge his halberd with water and release powerful whirlpools against his opponent the same way as he can with his watercore staff, with the main difference being that watercore is more useful for compressed impacts that deliver a powerful punch where-as waterlance is more useful for focusing water magic into more sharp spells that can cut clean just as well as lacerate the one that got hit.
  • Water blastLancelot casts a jet of high-pressured water from his waterlance, which can travel quite a distance, to hit a specific target. When used with his waterlance, the blasts have a more piercing effect similar to those of a drill, where-as with his watercore, those blasts have a more compressed impact, similar to a sledgehammer at their weakest.
  • Water SlashAlex charges the axe blade with water and then sends forth a sickle-like mass of water towards the target.
  • Water Jigsaw (水流激鋸, ウォータージグソー, Wōtā Jigusō )Lancelot covers a part of his waterlance into a swirling mass of water slicers that can slice his opponents like a saw.
  • Ice smash: This is a crowd clearing spell. Basically a magic infused hit to the ground that freezes the ground around him within 10 meter followed by a blast of diamond dust to knock all enemies away around the user as the ground underneath them has become slippery due to the ice. (and a shockwave in the ground, somewhat crumbling the ground under their feet by weathering and eroding through ice when enough power is used ).
  • Ice bomb: This spell is basically an variation of Ice Smash that Alex gradually thought of while practicing with the ice magic. Instead of freezing the ground, the user instead erupts several icicles from the earth in a 360 degree, piercing any and all that are unfortunately to stand too close when this spell is used, which usually means that anyone within the range of 10 meter is pierced.


Growing weapons

Demon claws ( だてんし つめ datenshi tsume ) is one of the more unusual weapons Alex possesses. When Alex uses this one, he is able to use Lightning magic by feeding the gauntlet some of its magic power. The claws starts off as a manica armguard, that feeds off of magic to grow in strength the longer magic is fed to it.

IMG 3381

First Form: Claws

This is the initial form of the Demon claws. It takes the appearance of a form of a black and grey manica armguard with the fingers changed into red claws. In this form, he is able to use lightning magic. It can also be uses as a shield to defend against attacks.

Demon wave: Alex can use this one in a few different ways, mostly because it is also the only one he has in the first form of these claws.

For example, while dashing towards the target, as Alex jumps towards his opponent a giant wave of lighting appears from his claws, which pushes the target to the ground when hit, and when dodged, gives them a light shock when the target is within 3 meter of the claw.

IMG 2857

Second Form: Silver arm

After the glove has been fed enough magic, it will undergoes a major transformation. The gauntlet is change into a normal black leather glove with three blades on the back of the hand and black vambraces with white inscriptions. In this form, he is able to use lightning magic to a higher degree and his strength is slightly increased.

  • Demons lightning: Alex creates a sphere of lightning around his blades and then forces the sphere of energy to expand forward, to create a small beam which is capable of shocking whatever stands in it's path similar to a laser.
  • Demon claws slash: Alex covers the blades of the glove with electricity, which in turn causes them to become noticeably deadlier. He then dashes toward his opponent to try to deliver a fierce slash, creating a deep gash upon contact. This attack also has a delayed effect in which the location of the slash will take longer to heal to the point that it appears as if the slash can't even be healed at all
  • Demon's fist: Alex created this technique by applying what he had learn from practicing with caladbolg to his lightning beam to compress a numerous amount of lightning to create a small orb which he thrust into his opponent, using the impact and the power gathered in the orb to send the opponent flying back while at the same time overloading the body of his opponent with energy.


Third form:Lightning Sleeve

Once his gauntlet has absorbed enough magic, it will undergo a massive metamorphosis. His gauntlet slowly changes into a sleeve that covers his complete arm and hand, while the lightning starts to course through his whole arm and hand, ripping apart fabric once it gets in touch with it due to the high friction the lightning causes by the rapid circulation.

  • Energy orb: Alex forms a sphere of electricity in his hand above his head and then, after a sufficient amount of Magic has been gathered, it's released at the target in the form of a large sphere that explodes upon contact, resulting in a large, destructive pillar formed of lightning magic.
  • Demon shield: Alex charges the gauntlet with electricity creating a powerful lightning barrier that protect him from the enemy's attacks.
  • Demon sphere: First, Alex charges energy from around his arm and gathers it into his hand to form a white energy sphere that changes into an enormous energy sphere of devastating power. Not only can he control the size of this attack, but he can also increase the strength of it by firing his demon lightning into it, making it possibly powerful and destructive enough to destroy a mountain.
  • Energy boost: By first condensing the energy in its arm and hand, followed by amplificating it while simultaneously releasing it during an attack he is able to to drastically increase his punches and blocks.
    • Compressing all of the energy into his arm, while at the same time continuing to gather energy in his arm, allowing not even a single spark to be released from his control, to the point that the very ground he stands on starts to show cracks due to the weight of the density, he can hit with a strength near that of one megaton. While this variation of his boost technique can be considered quite powerful, after its use Alex needs to rest as his lightning sleeve dissolves. By using this variation more than once without enough rest could potentially drain him to the point of turning comatose.


bladed weapons

IMG 7676
(( はくぎん ひしょう hakugin hishou ))

Silver flight has an unusual design, considering how the blade part is made, or how the handle part was handled. Nonetheless, it gives its user the ability to increase their speed, while also allowing the user to increase or decrease the sharpness of the blade itself. Decreasing the sharpness made it better for sword-practices while increasing the sharpness made it more suited for clean killings, even getting the nickname tonbogiri from Alex itself after increasing the sharpness to a certain amount.

IMG 6471
Caladbolg(カラドボルグ Karadoborugu): The blade of the sword coils into a spiral that, according to the many tales surrounding the blade, can penetrate any target by creating a twisting distortion in space whenever it was used by their owner while also giving its user access to wind-based magic.

Compressing the air in three different layers on the blade part, with each layer working as a wind-barrier of sorts into super-high pressure air. It increases the damage and cutting power of an attack when the wind is compressed even further, or accelerating and amplifying the wind, turning it more into a shredder, although the amplification is something that Alex doesn't really like to do since it would become harder to keep the collateral damage to a minimum.

Theoretically, it is also possible to implement the barrier created on the blade on something other than the sword itself such as forming the barrier in the area around him or as a quick defensive wall of wind to block an attack. It is rather simple in execution once one learns how to implement it outside of the blade, but it proves immensely effective in hand-to-hand combat. The barrier itself isn't a vacuum after all, with how the air constantly keeps whirling around the blade making the wind itself essentially a weapon that could be used without swinging the blade in the first place.

  • Wind release: Once the barrier is released, the previously compressed wind surges around him chaotically, creating a vacuum as it diffuses into the air with enough force to knock over normal people and shake heavy, firm trees like a typhoon.
    • Wind hammer: Practicing with the barrier to find more uses for it besides the ones to increase the cutting or the shredding, Alex managed to release the compressed wind as a single use projectile weapon called Wind hammer. Acting like a hammer made out of wind, it creates a gale made out of super high pressure condensed air that is powerful enough to fling a stone slab weighing several tons into the air as if it were nothing, and even destroy an entire platoon with enough practice.

Working with what he learned through his wind hammer, he found a way to accelerate his own body to three times of his normal speed towards the opponent. By holding the sword in a backward wide stance, releasing the air and charging towards his opponent, ready to swing the collective energy of his wind hammer directly down on the opponent, which in turn increases the power of the impact to twice as much as normal.

  • Slipstream: Trying to find out how to create a twisting distortion in space with the blade as in the tales he had heard about the blade, he tried to use the chaotic surge of wind when he released the barriers as a base for it while also containing the force in such a way that it would not cause any collateral damage. By containing the surge of wind, without applying control to the wind itself, a slipstream could be created.
The turbulent flow has a slightly lower pressure than the ambient fluid surrounding the object.
The shape of whatever is surrounded by the turbulent flow determines how strong the effect is. In general, the more aerodynamic something is, the smaller and weaker its slipstream will be. For example, a box-like front (relative to the object's motion) will collide with the medium's particles at a high rate, transferring more momentum from the object to the fluid than a more aerodynamic object. A bullet-like profile will cause less turbulence and create a more laminar flow.

When Alex works together with someone when this technique is used, moving at the same speed, the one behind him will require less power to maintain his or her speed than if it were moving independently which in turn allows them to increase their speed beyond their normal maximum. In addition, Alex will be able to move faster than it could independently, because the one behind him reduces the effect of the low-pressure region on Alex himself.

Love patience
( Love and patience: あい と こんき ai to konki )

These two blades are rather unusual in that they exists as a sword pair, consisting of a scimitar and a jian. The cross guard of patience can be described as short wings pointing either forward or backward, while the cross guard of love can be described as one claw upwards and one claw downwards. Love is a one-handed, curved sword featuring a slim blade that has almost no taper until the very tip.

IMG 6800

Scimitar (えんげつとう engetsutou ): Actually the only weapon he has that is nothing more than a simple scimitar.



Anima 20 by Wen M

Flight Armor(フライトアーマー Furaitoāmā): One of his armors, this armor covers his whole body so that it can withstand the pressure and stress that high speed traveling would impose on the human body while the wings on his shoulders and knees need a small chant to fold out of the circle-plates. both of his arms also carry a gun that can be retracted and extended at his choice, allowing for jobs that need a sniper or a normal gunner when extended or for close-combat, shooting at close-range during a punch when retracted. The glasses on the helmet give the user access to telescopic sight, heat vision and infra-red. Without the wings unfolded, Alex his speed is tripled, while with the wings unfolded his speed is increased with a factor 30 as well as giving the ability of flight.
The incantation for unfolding the wings:
If you could remind me how to fly,
Hear the chorus of flight
( あなたはどのように飛ぶために私を思い出させることができます。
Anata wa dono yō ni tobu tame ni watashi o omoidasa seru koto ga dekimasu
Hikō no gasshō o kiku

Anima Arkaid the Arbiter by Wen M

Silvarsion Armor(シルバーソンの鎧 Shirubāson no Yoroi):

The moment that Alex activates this armor, he is seen wearing a pale blue dress, covered in an instant by a silver armor and blue cape while also carrying a long spear. By removing the helmet while wearing this armor, his hair appears longer, reaching halfway of his back while becoming even whiter, resembling pure white snow where-as his normal hair-color is more of a silvery white. The armor is plated with jagged edges protruding on the front of his calves and around the shoulder. On each shoulder are eagle faces.

  • Lance of light: Alex his lance in this form has several decorations of feathers engraved up staff and lower part of the blade. The staff ends at a eagle-like pummel. The lance possesses incredible power that can deal tremendous damage.




Jibrils Shield

Jibril's Shield:

  • Jibril's shield can deflect or resist energy attacks with the barrier used to contain jibrils power. However, it can only withstand a limited number of attacks. The shield is capable of resisting any amount of offensive force; however, if that force is used continuously then the shield will crack.